Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thumb sucking and pacifiers

Thumb sucking girl

During a baby's first year of life, he will put anything he can lay his hands on into his mouth. This is because he feels things, at this stage, primarily with his mouth and tongue. Later, infants develop thumb sucking or similar habits. These habits develop when they are tired, hungry, bored or frustrated. To solve the problem, feed the child if he is hungry. To relieve boredom and frustration, create a new suitable activity for the child. Talk to the child and play simple games that actively involve him.

If thumb sucking is only at bedtime, do nothing. Do not use thumb guards or apply pungent food or tie a cloth around the thumb. It may result in the baby's acquiring other, perhaps less desirable, habits such as head banging, tongue sucking, removing hair from his own head etc.

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