Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby diapers - doubts

For babies there are diaper liners, made of paper, to put in the diaper at the time of day when bowl movements are expected, to keep the diaper from becoming soiled. There are liners, made of treated cloth that dries rapidly, that are meant to keep the baby's skin from staying too wet.

Waterproof pants or " soakers " (the latter are knitted wool pants), over the diapers, area special help when you are going places with the baby. You may want to use the soakers at home, too, if washing them is not a burden. Whether you use waterproof pants at home depends on how well the baby's skin stands up. When the baby has no waterproof pants on, a lot of the urine in the diaper is absorbed into the surrounding clothing or evaporated. With waterproof pants the diapers stay much wetter and warmer, and bacteria accumulate in them. This favours the formation of ammonia and diaper rash. As long as your baby's skin is clear in the diaper region, you can use pants as much as is convenient. When there is diaper rash,leave them off. It probably helps to wash the pants with soap and water each day and hang them in the sum tokill the germs that make ammonia.