Friday, January 29, 2010

Sleeping babies

I have been saying that if the baby who generally can go 4 hours wakes after 3 or 3 1/2 hours and seems really hungry, t is all right to feed him then. But suppose he wakes an hour or so after his last feeding. If he finished his usual bottle at his last feeding, the chances are against this being hungry again so soon. It is more likely that he has been waked by indigestion or colic.

You can try burping him again, or see whether he will be comforted by a couple of ounces of water or a pacifier. I would not be in a rush to feed him again, though you may decide to try it in a little while if nothing else works. You cannot be sure it is hunger just because a baby tries to eat his hand or starts to takes the bottle eagerly. Often a baby who is having colic will do both these things. It seems the baby himself cannot distinguish between colic pains and hunger pains. In other words, you don't always feed a baby when he cries. If he is crying at the wrong times, you have to study that the situation and perhaps discuss it with you doctor.