Friday, October 28, 2011

Common Doubts about new Born babies


The common doubts about new born baby to the new mothers are listed here. Is he the right weight and length? What is this pink patch on his nape? Is his head in the right size? Does he seem cross-eyed? Are his ears shaped like cauliflowers? Such concern is natural. But if you know what to expect, your adjustment to motherhood will be quicker and you will be spared many an anxious moment. It is good to remember is that babies are individuals, each baby is different from the other, both physically and temperamentally.

When a proud friend tells you her baby weighed almost four kilos at birth and yours was only three, do not go into a tizzy. Your baby is as normal as can be. The average newborn weighs 2.7 kg. Since that is only an average you will find newborns weighing any¬where from 2.5 to 4 kg. The newborn's head circumference will vary from 33 to 35 cm and its body length from 47 to 50 cm. If your baby measures a little more or less than even these 'normal figures', he is still within the normal parameters.