Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tips to bath baby

The baby can be bathed in tub. You can bath and dress the baby on a low table, at which you sit a card table with stady legs is a good size or you can sit on a high stool. A folding, fabric bathtub is convenience if you can afford it and have a room for it. The tub part is made of waterproof material hung from a fram on high legs. It is high enough so that you don't break your back while bathing the baby. When the bathing is finished, a flat canvas top covers the tub, and on this the baby an be dried, dressed and changed. You can use a baby soap and baby shamppoo for the baby. After finishing bathing, dry with a towel and add lot of baby powder and put cotton dress. This will comfortable for babies.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Babies Bottle feeding

You can feed your baby with your milk(mother's milk), if it is not sufficent you can give cow's milk, water and sugar. The water and sugar are put into make the mixture more like mother's milk in composition. The cow's milk that you use may be evaporated milk or pasteurized whole milk. Each one has its advantages. You can get the advice of your Doctor. Your Doctor will prescribe the best kind of milk for your baby, taking into account the particular need.

After your baby finished milk with a bottle, you should rinse it, squirt a little water through the nipple to remove scum, wash the bottle, nipple, and bottle cap with boiling water. It is easy to get the equipment clean if you wash it right after use.