Saturday, July 18, 2009

How much a baby sleep ?

There are many doubts for mothers about their baby. Mothers often ask this question How much should a baby sleep? Of course, the baby is the only one who can answer it. One baby seems to need a lot and another surprisingly little. As long as a baby is satisfied with his feedings, comfortable, gets plenty of fresh air and sleeps in a cool place you can leave it to him take the amount of sleep he needs.

Most babies in he early months sleep from feeding to feeding if they are getting enough to eat and not having indigestion. There are a few babies though who are unusually wakeful right from the beginning, and not because of anything is wrong. If you have this kind of baby, there is nothing you need to do about it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thumb-sucking baby - problem

You should pay attention to thumb-sucking is when the baby first tries to do it, not when he finally succeeds. I make this point because there are lot of babies who, for the first few months of their lives, haven't much control over their arms. You see such a baby struggling to get his hands up, and searching around with his mouth. If ny good luck he gets his fist to his mouth, he sucks it vigorously as long as it happens to stay there. This baby, just as much as the real thumb-sucker, is showing a need to such longer at the breast or bottle.

In most cases thumb-sucking was very mild. Many babies do a little thumb-sucking off and on. They get over it quickly, whether you do anything or not. I think, that restraints only make the confirmed thumb-sucker do it more in the long run.