Friday, July 2, 2010

Baby rashes problem

baby rashes
If you find some red spots or pink pimples on a baby’s cheeks, don’t worry, it may be a child’s first rash. Most of parents become panic on seeing these rashes. But these rashes are simply our skin’s way of reacting to certain irritants, infections or hormonal changes, and generally are not a cause for alarm. “Because their immune systems are still developing, young children are more sensitive to chemicals, viruses and bugs than we are,” says the Chief Doctor of pediatric dermatology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. “As a result, there are hundreds of different rashes they can get.”

Usually most rashes are harmless and they will fade gradually in a day or two. There are some rashes, like eczema, that can be treated with medication. Some type of rashes on the skin is contagious. It is difficult to distinguish one type from another; so better to consult a pediatrician or your family doctor when you see rashes on your child’s skin. If a rash is accompanied by high fever immediately consult the Doctor.