Monday, September 6, 2010

Young mother and a new born baby

beautiful baby
At birth, the baby often has a full head of hair. This will, in most cases be shed in the first ten months. Some babies grow a full head of hair quite quickly. Others do not have lots of hair for moths. Rest assured that such growth does not mean the baby is going to end up being bald for life. The shape of the ears differs from child to child due to familial variations. Some times a skin tag may be seen on the ear. These tags should be shown to the doctor before they are tied.

The shape of a baby’s head varies a great deal. This due to the baby forcing its way out of your body. There is sometimes a uniform swelling but this usually disappears in two or three days. However, if the swelling is localized on one side of the head and is confined to the limits of the bone, it is due to the blood collection on the outer surface of the skull bone. This is called Cephal Haematoma and usually disappears in about 4-6 weeks. For all your doubts you can consult your doctor.