Monday, November 30, 2009

Parents duties and work for growing babies

There is an enormous amount of hard work in child care - preparing the proper diet, washing diapers and clothes, cleaning up messes that an infant makes with his food and that an older child makes with his play, stopping fights and drying tears, listening to stories that are hard to understand, joining in games and reading stories that are not very exciting to an adult, trudging around zoos and museums and carnivals, responding to pleas for held with homework, being slowed down in house work, yard work, and cellar work by eager helpers, going to Parent-Teacher Association meetings on tired evenings.

Childcare's needs account for a good part of the family budget, from the high rent or mortgage on a large enough house to the shoes that were out or are outgrown in no time at all. This is sure that there is lot of hard work and patience is necessary for child care.