Monday, May 31, 2010

Children behavior and parents role

mischievous boy
I think that idealistic young persons approaching parenthood assume that if they are the right sort they will have unlimited love, tolerance and patience for their innocent baby. But this is not humanly possible. When your baby has been crying angrily for hours, despite all your patient efforts to comfort him, you cannot go on feeling sympathetic. He seems like a obstinate, disagreeable, unappreciative person, and you cannot help feeling angry really angry. Or your older child has done something that he knows very well he should not have done. May be he was so fascinated with a breakable object of yours or so eager to join some children on the other side of the street that he count not resist the temptation.

All good parents feel strongly about what they are doing whether it is right or wrong. You child misbehaved or when a child disobeys a well understood and reasonable rule, you cannot simply be a cool statue of justice. In other words, parents cannot feel right toward their children in the long run unless they can make them behave reasonably. Generally you were taught to feel that way back in your own childhood. It is your rule that has been broken in your childhood. It is probably your possession that has been damaged,. It’s your child, about whose character you care a great deal, who has done wrong. It’s inevitable that you feel indignant. The child naturally expects this and is not hurt by it if your reaction is fair.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Babies sleeping pattern

sleeping baby
You know new born babies sleep almost 20 hours. But it differs from baby to bay. The new mothers always have the doubt that their babies sleep is enough for their health. Babies need much sleep in their beginning stage to develop properly. Babies sleeping hours differ according to their age.

In the first week, babies sleep almost 20 hours and it reduce gradually. In the first month, it takes 18 hours and if they are 3 months old it takes 17 hours and 6 months 16 hours / 9 months- 15 hours and when your baby is now one year old and now he or she only sleep 14 hours a day. These guidelines are only for reference not a rule.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tips to new mothers

crying baby

Your newborn baby cries. Don’t panic. He is having pain or hungry or he is wet. He cries every time. Newborns usually cry to bring the attention of mother. In the first week of his life, he is crying sometimes a reflexive behavior. So don’t get panic. First important thing is you should step back, relax for a while take a deep breath, and remember that new born babies are supposed to cry. If your baby cries feed him and make him comfortable.

You know infants’ growth in the brain and nervous system are amazing in first 6 weeks, a baby gains more control over his crying. With every passing month, he will make more sophisticated connections between his crying and your reactions.